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  • Thank you for your time as a club member! We are so sad to see you go! We love and value our members and know that things come up in life. To cancel your membership please complete and submit this short form below to formally cancel your membership. You will receive a cancellation confirmation email after submitting this form. If you do not received a confirmation email please reach out to our Wine Club Manager, We appreciate your time as a member and we hope you will consider joining the Lone Star family again in the future! Note, per our policy stated in our club sign-up form, customers canceling their membership prior to the 2 shipment minimum will be charged for any benefits received prior to meeting this minimum.
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DID YOU KNOW…Wine Club Members Save Big Whether They Live Locally Or Not?

  • The Lone Star Wine Club currently has wine club members in 13 states in the US and is growing!
  • Club members that visit Lone Star Wine Cellars twice a month save an average of $26 on in-store discounts and complimentary members wine each month!
  • Club members that receive their wine shipped or are unable to visit frequently receive on average $10 off per shipment  and enjoy flat rate shipping whether they receive 2 bottles or 12 bottles right to their front door!
  • Club Members receive 25% off our monthly Legend Of The Ranch bottle!  Ask your Lone Star staff what the current Legend Of The Ranch promotion is each month to recieved deeper discounts!

DID YOU KNOW… We guarantee you will love your wine?

  • Exchange your selection instore if you are not 100% satisfied!
  • We allow you to customize your wine club!  If interested in modifying your wine club preferences or having your wine club more customized please email us at

DID YOU KNOW…The Ross Family Wines Released In Wine Club Are Premium Wines?

  • Our grape growers grade their selection of grapes and provide our winemaker only the highest quality of their crop to make Ranch wines a premium product.  If our winemaker can not purchase a premium grape locally, the search area expands until the quality of our high standards is met.
  • The Ranch wines are aged on average 4-5 years before they are bottled and sold at Lone Star Wine Cellars for your enjoyment.  The lengthened aging softens the wine and ensures a premium product is enjoyed right from the point of purchase!

Take advantage of our LEGENDS OF THE RANCH PROMOTION!  Each month we are sharing the stories behind the legends featured on our wine labels.  Every bottle has a story and to get the word out we are giving 10% OFF bottles of our featured legend AND 25% OFF for club members!   We hope you will share our stories with your friends!