What to Do While Sheltering in Place & Social Distancing

Maintaining social distance and sheltering in place, the topic of 2020.  The past several weeks have brought a new perspective of daily life to everyone. Many have found themselves homeschooling their children in addition to working solely from the comfort of their living rooms.  Staying home and staying healthy are our new objectives.

In light of the pandemic of COVID-19, we have all experienced unique situations.  Have you ever wondered what your favorite wine-tender has been doing?

Time on our hands

Given so much extra time in our personal retreats we have discovered new hobbies and perhaps rekindled old ones.  Not to mention, tackling that ongoing “to do” list at home.  In addition, we have all been struggling to overcome the boredom of sheltering in place.

Some though have found the perfect way to utilize this time!

Struggling with Boredom

Deep Cleaning & Organizing

Our lives revolve around routines, whether we realize it or not.  We go to work and handle the responsibilities in our lives.  Our time is finite.  Deep cleaning and organizing gets tacked on to the end of our never ending to do list.  So, given the extra hours at home, is this what we tackle?

Deep Cleaning

Whether we are talking baseboards and ceiling fans at home, or moving kitchen equipment at work, no better time than now to get it done!

During the time our doors were closed at Lone Star Wine Cellars, the staff grasped the moment and did a thorough sanitizing clean of every square inch of the winery.  We have also added extra cleaning methods to our daily routines.

Not to mention, the reorganization of the kitchen.  Everything in it’s place.  The cleanliness and freshness is a feeling of accomplishment and pride in our surroundings that we all love.

But what about our wine-tenders in their own homes?

Deep Cleaning

What your favorite Winetender Does

When practicing shelter in place, we are left with extra time on our hands after the chores are completed.  Have you found a new hobby or rediscovered an old one?


There’s nothing quite like a great read.  Whether it’s motivational, educational or purely entertaining; reading cannot be beat.  Not to mention, finding a new recipe for all those additional hours in the kitchen!  Your favorite staff at Lone Star Wine Cellars have been furthering their wine education with WSET courses and learning wine like the back of our hands!

Books for Work


Many have chosen those challenging puzzles with thousands of pieces.  To say nothing of that feeling of accomplishment when that last piece is laid down and the unique picture is revealed to its fullest. Mo’s husband Steve has to be the most patient and skilled dissectologist we know!

Coke Puzzle

Steve’s Finished Coke Puzzle


Leave us alone in the house for any amount of time and hunger will strike.  With so much extra time allotted in the kitchen, new recipes are bound to surface.  It’s a perfect time to try your hand at baking bread or homemade lasagna.  Or in the case of Becky and Jon, they took a virtual cooking class with Darren McGrady and learned how to make souffles.  I’m guessing they paired their final concoction with the Big Red Cab!

Darren McGrady Souffle

When it comes to cooking delicious dishes, don’t forget the wine!  Call ahead to Lone Star Wine Cellars 972-547-9463 for their curbside pick up!

Gardening / Landscaping

Maybe its time to grow your own vegetables or just create that perfect outdoor entertaining and lounging area.  Our very own Melody that everyone knows and loves has the special touch to all plants.  Check out her more than inviting backyard oasis!  We are all ready for one of her parties!

Melody's Oasis

Melody's Backyard

W  O  W

Notice the amazing artwork by McKinney’s talented Kelly Gottuso!





Many people have found that shelter in place has provided them with the much needed time to tackle the remodeling in the house.  We realize this can be a huge undertaking and not for everyone.  But your well loved winetender Dee has done just this.  She and Santa Doug are getting that new kitchen!  Hey, good lookin’, what’s cookin’?

Dee's Kitchen


Staying Safe & Healthy

Social distancing is a relatively new term to the vast majority of society.  It is safe to say, most of us have not practiced this much prior to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Maintaining Space

For this reason, when issued warnings of spreading a virus with an unknown cure, the population listened.  With this in mind, we have learned to maintain an acceptable distance between others as to not risk spreading germs.

Ready for Re-Openings

In conclusion, everyone is anxiously awaiting the re-opening of their favorite restaurant, salon and wine bar.  We all want to mingle and have that social interaction we are missing.


But most of all, we are all praying for the cure of a scary virus that changed our daily lives of a new year.  So until science brings a halt to the pandemic of 2020, stay healthy and maintain that social distancing and respect one another.  Let’s all be kind.


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