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Have you ever thought about what makes wine well-balanced?  The steps to that perfect harmonious sip can seem so elaborate, but are they really?  Let’s look at some obvious steps as well as in addition to the unusual characteristics of a supreme well-balanced wine.  That delicious congenial nectar from the fruit of the vine has distinct structure  and definitely provides the backdrop for the fact that all premium well-balanced wines have a story to be told!

The Science of Wine

Acidity, tannins, what could these be?  Generally speaking , we must be talking about the science of wine!  Acidity gives wine its tartness and is a crucial trait to the quality and equally important to the  preservation of the wine.  As the fruit ripens more, the acidity decreases and ultimately the sweetness increases.

When we speak of tannins, we are referring to the 2 classes of phenols, flavonoids and non-flavonoids.  Notably, the astringency or harshness from tannins, is what causes the mouth to pucker in fact as in eating un-ripened fruit.  We are still seeking the well-balanced!

Clearly there is a lot to think about when seeking the obviously well-balanced sip!

grapes on vine

Dry, Medium or Sweet?

Wines are classified either, dry, semi-dry, medium or sweet.  Dry wines can ultimately still have the same aromatics as sweet wines, yet no sugary taste at all.   This is where the acidity equally plays a part.

Balancing the Sugars!

On the whole, we know there can be different types of sugar in all grapes and the winemaking process can add more sweetness.  Moreover, other components of acidity and tannins that in turn make the wine less sweet.

With this in mind, lets celebrate the fact that your wine can be as scientific and equally educational as you want!

glasses of wine

What about that Body?

Not only do we classify a wine by it’s sweetness, but by in large by the body as well.  The body describes the mouthfeel of the wine.  We characterize a wine as light, medium or full bodied.

ABV Balance!

Alcohol by volume is uniquely the determining factor of the body of a wine.  The lesser the ABV of a wine, the lighter the body, whereas the higher ABV makes for a more full-bodied wine.

To clarify, whether you are seeking that light, crisp, delicate sip, or craving a rich, full mouth-feel savor, you now know the main structure of a wine and what gives it such a body and that sense of being well-balanced.

Pouring Wines

Your Wine Tells A Story

The wine will tell you a story of its origin, subtle as it may be, as you taste it.  It truly conveys history.  It is a culmination of series of processes for the overall end result.  With this in mind, there is a dedication and passion for those living to produce the best of wines in their region.

Meet the winemaker and you will immediately know the personality of his wine.  Try the wine and you likewise taste his passion.  First, wine is sensual, pleasurable, begins as a bouquet and then proceeds to tantalize the palate.  Furthermore, it makes food taste better and additionally, scientifically proven to be good for you.

In conclusion, to know the story of how and why the wine was made, you tickle the senses and sensations of passion and dedication.

Everyone loves a good story!

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